back from the mountains, good to be home. 

the lack of the use of my phone is tiresome, absolutely no connection up here. Blah.

“Any life directed toward money is a death. Renascence lies in disinterestedness.”
Notebooks 1942-1951  (via therebelandthefirstmam)

Anonymous asked: I'm moving I'm coming can you hear what I hear? It's calling you my dear, out of reach...take me to my beach?

Anonymous asked: I prefer your love to Jesus.

luckily if you’re a **Jehovah’s Witness this may be the same thing: image

I bear a striking reassemble to Jesus, here. 

In the mountains. 

“For a thought to change the world, it must first the life a man who carries it. It must become an example.”
Notebooks 1942-1951 (via therebelandthefirstmam)

Anonymous asked: I made a typo

Typos are always forgiven anon

Anonymous asked: wouldn't the waistcoat photo would be better wearing nothing else!

Anonymous asked: You're single, I'm single... You like pokemon, I like pokemon... I feel there is connection here

If you know what I mean